Cape Cod Canal and National Marine Life Center, Buzzards Bay MA

On Tuesday, Gynn was in Wareham working at her boss’ home office. I took the Kiddo shopping at Borders (Monster Manual III!) and Wal-Mart, and then we went to Buzzard’s Bay to walk along the Cape Cod Canal.

We parked at the Cape Cod Central Railroad station.

There’s construction going on at that end of the canal path, so we entered through a temporary walkway that took us by the National Marine Life Center.

We stopped in at their education center and gift shop to have a look. The facility’s primary purpose is to serve as an animal hospital for marine mammals and turtles. They are also under construction, so they only have one patient at the moment, an injured diamondback terrapin.

They also had a sand table filled with shells that the Kiddo enjoyed digging in.

Outside, we got a nice view of the Cape Cod Canal Railroad Bridge, and then walked along the canal.

Here’s another shot of the bridge showing the canal:

Kiddo was in a great mood the whole time, and really enjoyed his walk. He was especially fascinated by bicycles and dogs that passed us by.

We delivered a sandwich to Gynn and then had lunch at Red Robin (Balloon! Kiddo’s favorite thing in the whole world!) while Gynn finished up her work. We went to see a Cape Cod Baseball League game in Hyannis that night.

Today, Gynn took the Kiddo to Playgroup at the Mashpee Public Library in the morning, and he had appointments in the afternoon, so I didn’t end up taking him out during the day. In the evening, we went out for Chinese food, and then went to another local landmark, Four Seas Ice Cream in Centerville.

Tomorrow I’m taking him out early in the morning. Not sure where yet. We’ll see how the weather is.

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My Writing Projects (Part 2): Comics

Most of my writing for comics is self-published. I currently write or co-write four series for my own company, Dandelion Studios, and I have another series in the works. Here are the current projects:

Zephyr & Reginald: Minions for Hire is a workplace comedy about a sadly underrepresented group in the superhero genre: the villains’ henchmen. Zephyr DeCastle and Reginald Ertz are a pair of unemployed engineers who find their calling (or at least a somewhat steady paycheck!) serving the forces of evil. Along the way, they must contend with substandard robots, uncooperative (but cute and cuddly) giant spiders, and a boss who is, by definition, a megalomaniac. We’ve got two issues published, and the third is in the touch-up/lettering phase. Gynn and I co-write Zephyr & Reginald: Minions for Hire, and Gynn handles the artwork.

Perils of Picorna is a fantasy adventure tale of a young apprentice priestess caught up in a deadly plot by enemies of her church. Perils of Picorna is girl-powered cliffhanger serial action with a bit of romance and intrigue. I co-write Perils of Picorna with Amy Kaczmarowski, and the art is by Missy Pena. The first issue of this six-issue series is now available, and Amy and I are currently writing the second issue.

Stone tells the story of a warrior woman, weary of her years of fighting and killing but drawn into one more conflict to help a small kingdom whose rightful monarch has been overthrown by a power-hungry dictator. I write Stone, and the artist is Tara Veidt. Cover art will be available soon. The first issue of this six-issue series is in the touch-up/lettering phase.

Kaeli & Rebecca: This magical series follows the adventures of a half-elven warrior and a fey priestess as they track down an evil wizard. Written by me and drawn by Katrina Joyner. The first issue is currently being drawn.

I also have plans to publish a fantasy anthology comic tentatively titled Quarterstaff Comics (the name of the fantasy imprint of my company, Dandelion Studios). Two stories for that book have been drawn.

I have an ongoing comic strip called The Hearth, a fantasy soap opera, which appears in my zine, Caravan. I also supply the writing for Dandelion Studios’ nature-documentary minicomic/zine, Unpopular Species.

In addition to these projects, I have had two scripts recently accepted for comic anthologies. One of those scripts has been penciled, and the artwork on the second one will be getting underway soon. I also write the backup story for Leaves of Yggdrasil, published by Fallenmage Productions.

Major comic writing/publishing goals for this summer:

1.) Finish editing on issue 1 of Stone and get it to the letterer.
2.) Finish lettering and publish issue 3 of Zephyr & Reginald: Minions for Hire.
3.) Finish writing script for issue 2 of Stone.
4.) Finish writing script fr issue 2 of Perils of Picorna.
5.) Write issue 3 of Unpopular Species.
6.) Publish either Stone #1 or Zephyr & Reginald: Minions for Hire #3 in August. Have the other of these ready for September. Also, publish Unpopular Species #3 in August.
7.) Publish Kaeli & Rebecca #1 by October.
8.) Write the second backup story for Leaves of Yggdrasil.
9.) Seek out additional anthology work.
10.) Begin preparations to publish the Quarterstaff Comics anthology.

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New Issue Of The Edge of Propinquity Including My New Story

This issue features the third part of the second chapter (the sixth story overall) in my “For Visitors” serial. Enjoy!

Issue 54: June 2010

Welcome to the Edge of Propinquity. Issue 54 is now published. This month we have the loss of thing dear, a story finally told, the exile of a loved one, the crossing of a line and the final release of an old soul.

Four Visitors – Duality, Part Three – by Rick Silva Tina Cronin risks her life to save John Crowell’s artwork from enemies who want to make sure all of the dead artist’s secrets are reduced to ashes. And Nick Lorem is finally forced to decide whose side he is going to be on in the coming confrontation, as the second visitor leaves his mark on the town of Danforth.

Solstice – Spring, Part Six – by Ivan Ewert Since the evening of the Holiday Outing, Michael Monroe has struggled in silence against the heritage and history he bears. Despite the interests of outside sources, he has remained both neutral and unheard … until the last person who should presses the last of his nerves. What will come of the God of War in the Middle West?

Mnemosyne – Missing Volumes – by Nick Bergeron Our Hero finds true love at last, how sweet. That sort of love can help you find back against all kinds of topsy-turvy world shaking events, which is just what our Hero needs right now. Of course, I just can’t have him hanging around with any sweet young thing he finds. After all, he’s mine, and I’m coming back for him.

Sparrow Hill Road – Last Dance with Mary Jane – by Seanan McGuire It’s a rainy night at the Last Dance Diner, and Rose Marshall has no choice but to tell a ghost story–the only ghost story that she knows. The story that begins in the summer of 1945, in Buckley Township, Michigan, and ends on Sparrow Hill Road…

Guest Author – Agatha by Ken Staley Idyllic summers with old Great Grandmother Agatha were a treat. She was a woman from another age. Though, no one knew just how old she was. Nor did they know the secret she carried with her all those long centuries; a secret known as Old Smoke.

Have you ever looked over the edge and seen something looking back at you?

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Armstrong-Kelley Park, Osterville MA

Today’s destination for wanderings with the Kiddo was Armstrong-Kelley Park in Osterville MA. This park is run by the Cape Cod Horticultural Society.

We walked along board paths lined with flower gardens.

From there, we took a short loop path into the woods. Kiddo wasn’t as thrilled with walking in the woods, but it was a short walk, and he perked up when we got back to the garden areas.

Oh, we also encountered an ent. 🙂

The rest of the morning’s travels with Kiddo were spent on errands: Post office, library, Staples, CVS, and Shaw’s to get some fish for tonight’s dinner. One of my (too many!) hobbies is bargain-shopping by manipulating the CVS ExtraBucks program. My full report from today’s trip is posted here, for those interested in such things.

Tomorrow, Gynn has to do some work at her boss’ home office, so we’re all heading to Wareham. I’ll be wandering Wareham with the Kiddo in the morning. Lunch at Red Robin is a possibility (the Kiddo LOVES balloons and he always gets a balloon at Red Robin).

Writing today has been mostly organizational stuff and playing around with the new blog. I did do some editing work on Stone, which is one of my comic stories. I’ll be doing editing and scripting for Stone all week.

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My Writing Projects (Part 1: Short Fiction)

Since this is a new blog for me, I’m going to do some recap posts. Hopefully these will help me to refocus on my writing while they introduce who happens to be reading. This post will cover short fiction that I’ve written or am currently writing.

I don’t write a lot of stand-alone short stories at the moment. One of the reasons for that is that I DO write a serial story every month, and this takes up a fair amount of my creative headspace, at least as far as short fiction goes.

My serial fiction is published online (and available to read for free) at The Edge of Propinquity ( The Edge of Propinquity is an urban fantasy/horror webzine edited and published by Jennifer Brozek, who’s been a tremendous help to me in my fledgling writing career. I’ve written two Serials for The Edge of Propinquity. The first was called “Luminations”, a series of “geek noir” detective stories with some supernatural elements to them. It ran for four years and featured a different narrator each year. It concluded at the end of 2009. I am currently halfway through a new one-year serial called “Four Visitors”, which delves into UFOs, conspiracy theory, and psychic powers as a town receives a succession of mysterious visitors who are fighting a secret battle against the forces of oppression.

I’ve also had a couple of stand-alone short stories published. My first sale was to Three Crow Press, the ezine of Morrigan Books.  My Story, “The Warlord of Rhode Island“, was an online tie-in to Morrigan’s Grants Pass anthology, a collection of post-apocalyptic stories.

Most recently, my horror story “Roadkill” was published in Close Encounters of the Urban Kind, a collections of alien encounter/urban myth mashups from Apex Books.

I currently have an invitation to write for an upcoming anthology. I’ve also got a couple of other short story ideas kicking around, plus the remaining six installments of “Four Visitors” to finish up. Ideally I’d like to get “Four Visitors” completely finished before it’s time to head back to work. The anthology has an august deadline, so I need to get that story put together. I’d also like to try to get a couple other stories written to start that whole rejection-letter-collection process from sending out unsolicited manuscripts that I’ve been missing out on.

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The Plan

School officially ended on Saturday with graduation. Grades are due tomorrow morning, and I just finished putting mine in, which means I’m officially on vacation from the day job for the rest of the summer.

So the plan… Half of each weekday working on my comics and prose writing projects. The other half of each weekday with my son, hopefully taking him to all kinds of fun outdoor activities here on Cape Cod. There is no lack of things to do in the summer around here.

While all of this is going on, I’ll also be trying to catch up on some cleaning and organizing projects around the house, plus I’ll be updating this blog.

To anyone who’d like to follow our adventures, welcome. I’m looking forward to a great summer. Hope you all are too.

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